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Walk and Talk 

Counselling Service

Specializing in counselling techniques to help reduce 

Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Trauma in your life.

Walk and Talk sessions are held in a beautiful 

rainforest setting in the Blackall Range. The combination of walking and counselling is beneficial for both your physical health and mental health. Regular exercise has shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, while stimulating your creative thought processes.

To book an appointment: 0466 039 736 or email me: [email protected]

The three dimensions of my practice 

1. Ethical practice where all are welcome, regardless of age, gender, financial circumstances, social status, disability, sexual preference, cultural or religious background to allow counselling in an environment which is free from discrimination. 

2. Professional practice providing specialized skills that enables me to aid with the contemporary issues and concerns of people accessing my service. Additionally, my professional framework integrates the concept of pluralism to meet the individual client’s needs with the emphasis on EFT (emotion-focused therapy), CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy), and SFT (solution-focused therapy). 

Goal is to practice positive psychology with the aim of a strength-based approach.

3. Respectful practice respecting the feelings, personal privacy, and dignity of others at all times. Aim is to develop a person-centred practice where congruence is my priority by being authentic, real, and genuine with my clients. I practice unconditional positive regard, I do not evaluate or judge my client’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviours in any way.

Counselling Service

The act of walking in nature can enable one to feel grounded and embodied and offer relief

from stress, anxiety or any other problem one may experience.

In an atmosphere of authentic and genuine listening, whilst surrounded by the stillness

of a forest, away from the hustle and bustle, 

the experience of being deeply heard becomes

powerfully manifest.

Sometimes, healing takes place outside the

therapy room. It happens in the great outdoors while enjoying the sun on your face and feeling

the fresh air on your skin.

Sessions are held according to your preference. 

Choose your own magical rainforest:

Mapleton National Park, Kondalilla Falls circuit 


Mary Cairncross Reserve.