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Walk and Talk 

Counselling Service


Sometimes, healing takes place outside the therapy room. It happens in the great outdoors while enjoying the sun and feeling the fresh air on your skin. I believe this to be true seeing how many have benefited from walk and talk therapy sessions.

Walk and talk counselling is typically done outdoors in a beautiful rainforest setting in the Blackall Range, just literally walking and talking together. There are no couches and no chairs, far from the confines of the traditional therapy room. 

The benefits of movement

Exercise is also an effective anxiety and stress buster and helps strengthen your ability to find solutions to your issues. Walking alone releases endorphins, which can help improve your mood and encourage a positive attitude. It can get you to open up comfortably about your own emotions. There are people who find that they can recall past experiences and process their thoughts better when they’re up on their feet.

Just walking even at your own regular rhythm can make you feel that you are finally moving forward with your personal issues. There’s also a feeling of accomplishment, that you have finally taken action and did something about it. Small wins like this is already a big step forward.

Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT)

EFT helps one to become more aware of emotions and how to regulate them.

It also enhances one's awareness of the multiple layers of emotional experiences and helps to identify the most direct reaction.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a method of treatment to help adapt a new way of thinking, that takes a practical, task-based approach to solving problems. It is designed to help change negative thoughts and behaviours, by providing more positive and fulfilling solutions. 

Solution-focused  Therapy (SFT)

SFT is a future-focused, goal-oriented therapeutic approach to brief therapy. It differs​ from traditional therapies by eschewing the past in favour 

of both the present and the future.

Person-centred Counselling:  The individual client is placed at the center of the service and treated as a person first. The focus is on the people and what they can do, not their condition or disability. My support focuses on achieving the person's aspirations and is tailored to my clients needs and unique circumstances. My offer for any client is to experience growth through self-awareness, freedom, honesty, caring, trust and autonomy. A collaborative outcome-informed relationship is the vehicle for change. Some of the evidence-based wellbeing enhancing interventions include mindfulness, self-compassion and gratitude practices.

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